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Petite B&Bs is an Australian run boutique B&B service for the cultured traveller.

Our specialty service offers a personal and professionally handpicked network of unique, charming and classic Bed & Breakfasts in real family homes in Paris, the South of France and in Lisbon and Porto in Portugal (with more cities to follow). * Note: the Classic B&B Bed & Breakfast service is where guests live WITH their host in the same home, receive traditional services such as daily breakfast, itinerary planning, afternoon teas and cleaning.  We also offer entire apartments privately where B&B services such as breakfast are still provided/delivered.

Our Petite B&B hosts are very welcoming, experienced and professional and offer you an array of extra special services such as language lessons and guided walks around the neighbourhood amongst many others; so as a Petite B&B guest, you get to experience a real cultural immersion connection and experience.

Our service begins with one-on-one direct communication and a personalized booking experience to ensure guests are matched to the best and right home for their needs and desires. Let us be your B&B finder, begin your personalized booking experience Contact us HERE

The Petite B&Bs service is personable and prompt, acting as the happy medium between you and our Portuguese and Parisian Hosts, we happily help organise your accommodation in Lisbon, Porto and Paris. Handpicking, staying at, and inspect all homes on our portfolio, we are confident in matching you to the best home for your needs and desires. 121

Our B&Bs are carefully selected for those, like you, who want to discover the real city and interact with the city just as the locals do.

Each Paris or Portugal B&B has been chosen for possessing excellent service, décor, good taste, atmosphere, architecture and inviting homely beautiful surroundings. As a professional B&B finder we ensure our selection is diverse and takes in humble homes with very thoughtfully decorated rooms and suites within, to historic luxurious Maisons, or unique rare-find artistic homes and spaces.

Entire private apartments are also available for guests who prefer to live alone in total privacy yet the B&B service is still provided with breakfast delivered and opportunities to try one of our hosts special intimate services. Note: each host offers different types of services - some offer language lessons, some home cooked meals, guided walks and some offer multiple services. Please refer to the additional services section of each homes description or enquire with us for helping finding a host offering a service you are looking for CONTACT US

At Petite B&Bs, tireless efforts are made to ensure all accommodations follow a strict criteria of quality and taste, for guest satisfaction. We travel to Lisbon, Paris and Porto annually for B&B inspections and to work with our B&B hosts directly and personally to continually refine the wonderful service. 

Our B&Bs are predominately run by families, singles or couples in the middle age 40yrs and up, age group.

Our homes are in all neighbourhoods of the city centres and suit all budgets from approx 100-300euro per night. Guests can use the website map facility to locate B&Bs in their favourite district, or search by ‘price’ or ‘B&B type’. But again, we are available for personal help anytime simply CONTACT US

All homes are within 10mins (maximum) walk of a local train station, and many have multiple buses close-by too. For more detailed information for each home including amenities, features and style.alyout please read the home description - we have been as detailed and honest as possible about each home, but if you have any extra questions or uncertainties please feel free to contact us, we are here to help.. Contact us for your personalised booking service HERE.

Our B&B hosts work in all sorts of professions and guests can select a home according to profession or interest eg: We have artists, interior decorators, antique dealers, radio personalities, teachers, advertisers, bankers, the variety of hosts are diverse.. * PLEASE NOTE there are some homes we are YET to update with profession if guests wish to know please contact us.

Petite B&Bs launched in 2009 by Australia resident Regina Ferreira (of Portuguese origin) as ‘Petite Paris’, and has received national recognition in multiple leading publications: Virgin Voyeur, The Australian, ESCAPE Traveler, Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Bride to Be, Cosmo Bride, and In Style. In 2017 Petite expanded to Portugal with homes in Lisbon and Porto, and has been relaunched as Petite B&Bs.

BOOK Instantly online or Contact Regina for specialized one-on-one booking service and benefit from her first-hand knowledge and experience of all Petite B&Bs. To read the quirky story about HOW Petite B&Bs began CLICK HERE

To contact Regina to begin you personalized booking experience CLICK HERE

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Regina Ferreira BIO - Founder/Director

Founder of Petite B&Bs, Regina Ferreira is a Paris aficionado, author, traveler and classic bed and breakfast accommodation specialist, born in Madeira Island, Portugal and raised in Sydney, Australia.

Regina launched www.petiteparis.com.au in 2009 as a series of Paris’s finest bed and breakfasts in real family homes, certified by Paris’s only regulatory accommodations board, Hotes Qualite de Paris; where she works with Parisians to create a welcoming and authentic accommodation experience for travellers in their homes.

Today Petite Paris has expanded to greater France and Portugal where Regina has acquired through her strict selection process (thanks to extensive travels and background in the Travel and Lifestyle industry) over 150 stellar homes in Paris, Provence, Lisbon and Porto. 

Regina’s expertise and niche lies in identifying classic, quality homes and worldly hosts that will offer discerning travelers the intimate and authentic home-stay and cultural immersion experiences they are looking for.  Matching travelers to the right home is Regina's specialty, though the Petite B&Bs website allows guests to book independently online.

Petite homes are chic, cozy, fabulous and unlike over-stuffed corporate websites that have zero touch with their hosts, booking with Petite guarantees hand-picked, on-site inspected B&Bs with professional hosting service. The beds are made special and the breakfast table adorned just for you.

Regina has published 4 Paris Guide eBooks and 1 Lisbon Guide eBook and her Travel writing has been featured in French publication ‘Bonne Vacances’, UK based ‘French Entrée’, and the Australian ‘Vacation & Travel’ Magazine.

Petite Paris B&Bs has featured in Virgin Voyeur, The Australian, Traveller, Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Escape Traveller, Bride to Be, Cosmo Bride, and In Style.

"Cherished traveler, welcome to my B&B world where fabulous and friendly homes await. More than just places to stay, my selection of intimate homes turn holidays into experiences. I have personally handpicked these homes with only the most hospitable sincere hosts by going door-to-door and through word-of-mouth and I have stayed as a guest in every home. With your satisfaction assured, your keys and breakfast are waiting warmly for you on the sun-shined table”

Regina x

Contact me via email, Chat Live for personalized service, or book instantly online.