The classic style 'Home Stay' is called ‘Chambre d’hotes’ in French and Bed & Breakfast in English. So what is it exactly? It’s a private bedroom or entire suite offered by a private person in his/her family home, to a foreign guest. We are professional  B&B finders and all Paris and Portugal Bed and Breakfasts found in our online catalogue of unique handpicked homes, have been selected for their qualities of comfort and tidiness, pleasing surroundings, practical locations and the warmth and friendly personalities (and professionalism) of their hosts, which we at Petite B&Bs inspect thoroughly each year. We also offer private apartments that are offered by real local residents who vacate for guests entire private use for a cultural immersion experience. In these cases B&B services are still provided such as breakfast delivered and hosts live in the same building, street or village, contactable anytime.

Petite Bed & Breakfasts and apartments is a bnb finder service and a means by which travellers can find a Parisian or Portuguese home away from home and partake of the extensive research based on on quality assured, value, location, style, authenticity and hospitality. Being real family homes not rentals means guests experience an authentic family stay in Paris, Lisbon, Porto and beyond. More cities to follow soon. And, unlike other online services we do inspect all homes and hand select only the best to maintain our professional reputation.

Read our blog post 'B&B Guidelines' to help you find the right bnb for your stay and to understand the B&B guidelines and what to expect when staying in someone's home

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As your professional B&B finder, we assure our B&B dwellings present warm-hearted people and affordable accommodations for your stay in Paris or Portugal which offer more congeniality than that found in a hotel or generic apartment rental. Each B&B location exudes an atmosphere in which both guest and host can best enjoy a sense of association and fellowship. Unless notified to the contrary (in our listing descriptions), you will remain the sole visitor to the property. Viewed as an invited and eagerly awaited guest, rather than as a paying customer, you will derive far more from our Bed & Breakfast service than any hotel or regular apartment service rental.

Travellers are welcomed as friends into the homes of real Parisians or Portuguese natives, with the assurance that they will receive any kind of assistance and advice needed regarding their stay in Paris and its many wonders. Guests also enjoy the freedom of coming and going as they please. Note: Some hosts still have regular jobs and may not be as available to guests, please enquire if you prefer an ‘active’ host or a more ‘reserved’ or private host.

General and critical guests needs are taken into account (allergies, physical limitations etc) and special requests are honoured which in some homes can include babies or toddlers, bringing a pet, special occasions such as honeymoons and birthdays, culinary particulars for breakfast and more.

Petite Bed and Breakfasts include traditional B&Bs in real family homes  from historic to modern and luxurious to simple family homes with charming, warm-hearted, professional hosts who love to welcome guests like family and share their city and city secrets.

All Petite homes are well presented and full of character and personal touches; unlike soul-less hotels or stark rental apartments our real homes ensure guests feel an intimate warm sense of family life and conviviality, culture and cosiness.

Style, size, access and living scenarios vary home-to-home: split-level, lofts, 2-3 level homes, shared or private spaces, guests private entries, private living quarters, balcony or terrace homes, garden homes, the possibilities are limitless. 

Petite B&B homes are selected in accordance to a strict B&B Quality of Charter, as set out by the Paris Tourism Bureau (the birthplace of B&Bs and hospitality) and we follow these guidelines for all Petite B&Bs.

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