Welcome to the worlds 1st Women run B&B service for warm & womanly handpicked homes in Paris, South of France, Portugal and Melbourne, Australia, for women travelers!!

Run by B&B expert, Francophile, Portuguese native and Australian Resident, Regina Ferreira - from the former Petite Stays B&Bs website. Petite Stays launched in 2009 as ‘Petite Paris’ (dedicated to Paris B&Bs). In 2017 Petite expanded to Portugal with homes in Lisbon and Porto, and in 2019 Melbourne became the first Australian destination followed by the Mornington Peninsula.

Petite B&Bs has received national recognition in multiple  leading publications: Virgin Voyeur, The Australian, ESCAPE Traveler,  Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Bride to Be, Cosmo Bride, In Style and more.

Our vision is to empower and support the boom of strong solo, duo and group women travelers in their 50s+, with a service that supports independent, safe, supportive and integrative female travel experiences.

Our mission is to offer women run special handpicked B&B homes by hostess's who are dedicated to empowering other women to live their best travel lives while staying in their safe, supportive homes; and to create opportunities for strong female travelers to connect with like-minded travelers. 

Although we target women travellers in solo, duos or groups, we do welcome women travellers with their significant others/partners and/or friends that are male or female. Our direction and values is however, empowering women in their 50s + to travel, to feel confident doing so alone, but not limited to that;  and staying in homes that nurture this empowerment with like minded hosts that are world travelling creatives also in their 50s+ . We offer women run B&Bs, men run B&Bs that are designed / catered for women travellers and we also offer men and women owned private apartments designed and decorated for women in mind, who prefer to live independently without the breakfast and hosted service of a classic B&B.

*Men ARE able to book on behalf of their women partners and spouses.





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Regina Ferreira BIO - Founder/Director

Founder of Petite Stays, Regina Ferreira is a Paris aficionado, author, traveler and classic bed and breakfast accommodation specialist, born in Madeira Island, Portugal and raised in Sydney, Australia.

Regina launched www.petiteparis.com.au in 2009 as a series of Paris’s finest bed and breakfasts in real family homes, certified by Paris’s only regulatory accommodations board, Hotes Qualite de Paris; where she works with Parisians to create a welcoming and authentic accommodation experience for travellers in their homes.

Today Petite Paris has expanded to greater France and Portugal where Regina has acquired through her strict selection process (through extensive travels and a background in the Travel and Lifestyle PR industry) over 100 'special' homes in Paris, Provence, Lisbon and Porto and now Melbourne, Australia.

Regina’s expertise and niche lies in identifying classic, quality homes and worldly hosts that will offer discerning travelers the intimate and authentic family-style home-stay and cultural immersion experiences they are looking for.  Matching travelers to the right home is Regina's specialty, though the Petite Stays B&B website also allows guests to book independently online.

Petite homes are chic, cozy, fabulous and unlike over-stuffed corporate booking apps and websites that have almost zero touch with their hosts, booking with Petite guarantees hand-picked, on-site inspected B&Bs with professional hosting service. The beds are made special and the breakfast table adorned just for you.

Regina has published 4 Paris Guide eBooks and has a Lisbon and Porto Guide eBook in the works and her Travel writing has been featured in French publication ‘Bonne Vacances’, UK based ‘French Entrée’, and the Australian ‘Vacation & Travel’ Magazine.

Petite Stays B&Bs has featured in Virgin Voyeur, The Australian, Traveller, Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Escape Traveller, Bride to Be, Cosmo Bride, and In Style.

"Cherished traveler, welcome to my B&B world where fabulous and friendly homes await. More than just places to stay, my selection of intimate homes turn holidays into experiences. I have personally handpicked these homes with only the most hospitable sincere hosts by going door-to-door and through word-of-mouth and I have stayed as a guest in every home. With your satisfaction assured, your keys and breakfast are waiting warmly for you on the sun-shined table”

Regina x

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