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If you think you have what it takes to be a B&B host, and a home with the capacity to offer guests privacy yet homely intimacy, contact me. I'm Regina, Founder of Petite Paris (since 2009) and Petite B&Bs (since 2017), I am a B&B expert with 10 years industry experience.

Only an exclusive selection of homes and hosts that meet the 'Petite' standard of quality are included on our website. They must be cozy, practical, unique and charming, safe and secure; with exceptional hosts who are in the B&B business for their love of hospitality.

We offer personalised booking service; the old-school way before technology eliminated one-on-one human interaction. We will personally help you secure the right home for your travel needs and wishes and booking you in direct with B&B hosts/owners.

Current guests booked into any of our PARIS or PORTUGAL B&Bs and who need to cancel due to the current 'climate crisis', the booking payment fee made will remain a credit to you for an indefinite period of time, until you are able to rebook your B&B!

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Complimentary bottle of wine on arrival at your Petite B&B.

Hi travel lovers, thanks for stopping by Petite B&Bs. I'm Regina, Founder  and B&B industry and accommodation expert with 10 years booking and B&B hunting experience. With a 6th sense for wonderful style, design, atmosphere and mood, as well as a 6th sense for locating unique and exceptional B&B hosts that leave a lasting impression on heir guests, I personally seek out and select all the very special B&Bs that you will find within this 'Petite' Australian run website; homes located throughout Australia, France and Portugal. Who knows where next, one day...

I have always been fascinated with different homes, from exterior to interior design, and would stroll around wondering who lived behind the walls and what it might be like inside. Years later I am fortunate enough to have turned this curiosity into a job.  I am a very intuitive being, and sensing character of home and host is the crux of my quality promise to you.  I only work with the BEST, genuine hosts, and with a variety of home styles to suit all tastes - given that they are all cozy, homely, have that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ - and are all practical, safe and secure. 

Traveling to a new place should feel like 'coming home' even if it is 'foreign' and our incredible hosts and homes help to do just that! Travelling never felt so safe, welcoming and second nature! 

I maintain very family-like relationships with all B&B hosts and owners  - to create  a B&B family/network. B&B hosts are welcome to apply to be part of the exclusive Petite B&B catalogue. If you are a homeowner and think you have what it takes to be a B&B host, with a home that offers the capacity to host guests privacy and intimacy, contact me and I will guide you through the set-up stage. Email me at  

I attempt to inspect and stay in all Petite B&B homes (for international homes outside Australia) my visits are approx every 2 years. But our guests keep up the ongoing dialogue, feedback and inspections for us :)

For B&B owners, we promise a more trusting, personable, flexible and authentic service than automated booking platforms. We also offer personalised booking service helping guests to pick the right home for their needs and dreams. Human one-on-one interaction is what is missing in today's online world and we do our best to keep the human 'touch' alive. 

I hope you decide to stay in one of my very special and highly recommended Petite B&Bs. 

Sincerely, Regina x



(Happily enjoying the B&B breakfast experience in Paris)