I’d rather fork out for an aaamazing Parisian apartment (www.petitebnbs.com) and then find ways to save in other areas (food, fashion etc), than the opposite. Hands down! Paris is after-all, all about le perfect apartment life first and second, smart living. Ask any Parisian, like Delphine, owner of the exquisite Paris apartment on the Seine banks of the St-Germain ..."your Paris home should be your dream designer 'I’m-worth-it ‘shoes’, and your life, an awesome designer thrift-shop kinda 'outfit'! That’s how the Parisians do it" She says...

We're not suggesting you eat baguette sandwiches for dinner every night, or rationing the fro-mage or sit hostage (and hungry) to your luxurious home! All you need is to know where and when to go for all your authentic budget friendly, foodie and fashion expenses.  This is especially important for families needing a home with plenty of space but equally need to save money too.


FIRST, le FANCY Apartment


Live the authentic dream Paris life and stay somewhere fabulous like 'Apartment Delphine' a 2 bedroom deluxe historic apartment, perfectly refined, perfectly Parisian, sitting exclusively on the banks of the Seine river in the upscale and classiest St-Germain-des-Pres neighbourhood, central Paris. An exquisite home for the traveller seeking authenticity and old-world charm as well as modern touches and features... CLICK HERE for full details, images and availability...



  • Lunch vs dinner: Eat your main meal at midday like the Parisians do, where restaurants offer a full meal for less than 15euros. Then enjoy a lighter casual dinner affair in a little café. This is the Parisian way. 

 TRY: Chez Gladine's famous 5 diamants salade from Chez Gladines at 10euros. 44 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris, France. Our Petite Paris B&B Brigitte is seconds walk from here.

Or perennial favorite, Bistrot Victoire a classic, cozy and ideal for those traveling on a budget who want to enjoy authentic French cuisine. Their amazing salads are €10-11 each. 6 Rue la Vrillière 75001 Paris, France

  • Budget Brasserie: A tried and true budget eater’s paradise, Chartier serves up no-frills classic French food at crazy good prices. We love it so much, we wrote an ode to it on our blog. Mains range from €8.50-13.50, an exceptional value in modern day Paris.7 rue du Faubourg  Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France. Our 2 level gorgeous Paris B&B private home is minutes walk from this foodie institution - B&B Elisabeth
  • Cheapest fresh food market in Paris: The Barbes-Rouchouchart fresh produce market has vendors selling ‘fin de series’ end of the line cheese, sold at prices to get rid of them quickly. Olives at 4euro per kilo instead of 12euro, artichokes for a mere 20 centimes each etc. Because of the prices, some of the produce is nearing the end of its usefulness so you’ll see a few dings and browned tips here and there but when you only need food for the night or next couple of days, its ideal and a real money saver. The market is fun, yet very, very crowded, in a transitioning ethnic neighborhood. Not the kind of place you snap pictures. If you don’t like being jostled and pushed you might want to stick to one of the fancier markets on the Left Bank. Although they still push you out of the way, too, it’s just that they use a Hermès tote to do so. Boulevard de la Chapelle, 75010 Paris, France - MAP. We have 2 self contained Private Petite Paris apartments nearby, ready for your market buys to whip up in your own kitchen - Apartment James and Apartment Lisette
  • Marche d'Aligre: If you are staying in the left bank, this fresh food market is the cheapest (the friendliest)  Rue d'Aligre et, Place d'Aligre, 75012 Paris, France
  • Lunch at the markets: Try the legendary tajines or couscous dishes at the best Moroccan stand in Paris at the Marche des Enfants Rouge where you will also enjoy the bustling atmosphere in this iconic historic arcade (the oldest in Paris established 1628) - Le Traiteur Marocain, 39, rue de Bretagne, Paris 75003. Approx. 10-15 €.
  • Lunch at le Caminito Cabaret: This quirky space is a cross between a tiny bar and canteen, and it’s one of the cheapest places to enjoy brunch in Paris. Their high-quality espresso is proudly maintained for sale at just €1, which is almost unheard of in Paris! With cheap great coffee and a friendly ambiance, rest assured that the brunch is also a high standard. Their most popular brunch option is the salmon and eggs Benedict, topped with dill and cream. In short, it’s a down-to-earth place with a relatively cheap price tag, a vibrant although rustic interior; no pretensions and an impressive selection of fresh food and drink on offer. 48-50 Rue du Dessous des Berges Angle, 31 Rue Cantagrel, 75013 Paris, France
  • Bistrot lunch: At Bistot Beaubourg. For twenty years, this place has set the standard for bars in the Halles district. The Bistrot Beaubourg has the endless charm of a traditional bistrot and its classic know-how is sure to be loved by fans of authentic French cuisine. 25 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris, France. Stay in our beautiful  Petite B&B 'Apartment Antonella' 
  • Breakfast at Pain des Idees: From its amazing pain des amis to its rolls, Du Pain et des Idées, located close to the Canal St Martin, is hands down THE best bakery in the city. Breakfast need never be for than a 2-4euro pastry indulgence. A la Parisienne. 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris, France
  • Budget breakfast at a Cult Cafe: Café de Flore is steeped in French literary history, and is a must-visit spot for anyone with a love for culture. The café used to serve the cultural elite including writers, philosophers, and artists such as Pablo Picasso. However it can be very pricey, but no need to miss out on the quintessential Paris cafe classic. To indulge in the experience stop by for their fabulous breakfast. They serve classic options very reasonably priced such as butter croissant for €2.70 and butter cake, raisin bread and chocolate bread all for €3.20 each. The menu also includes toasts and butter, blinis and egg dishes. 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France. Minutes walk from this Cult cafe is our classic quintessential 1 bedroom self contained Paris apartment. Apartment Jerome.
  • 2euro Tea: At the Grand Mosquée de Paris (next to the Jardin de Plantes and the Jussieu or Place Monge métro), they have a lovely semi-open-air salon de thé where you can get wonderful Moroccan mint tea and Moroccan pastries and cakes for about 2 euros per item. It’s an exquisite and unique place to go for a refreshing and sweet snack, exotic surrounds, a sense of enchantment, secrecy, tranquility and good conversation. 2bis Place du Puits de l'Ermite, 75005 Paris, France
  • Best Cheapest Crepes: Breizh Cafés serves up some of the best crepes in Paris. Paris food expert and cookbook author David Lebovitz loves the buckwheat versions with egg, ham and cheese. Try a savory one for around €9-12, and you’ll be full and happy all morning, day or night! 109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris, France
  • Desserts: Indulge in the pies from Le Loir dans la Théière. The lemon meringue pie is SO good and SO huge - enough for 2 or 3 - and €7.50 SO WORTH IT. But be warned its a very rustic garage feel kinda-cafe. Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France. 
  • A Family Affair: after your Eiffel visit go to La Bonbonnière de Marie. In the Champ de Mars gardens, in the shade of the Eiffel Tower, La Bonbonnière de Marie serves fast food such as salads, crêpes, hot dogs, pizzas, sandwiches, waffles, candyfloss and ice cream.It is a little oasis of greenery in the heart of Paris great for the family, like a secret garden where you can play on the hundred year old swings, relax and watch the world go by.  1 allée Adrienne Lecouvreur, 75007


  • Consignment Shopping: 
  1. Reciproque is the largest luxury designer consignment store in Paris, and is an absolute must for fashion lovers searching for luxury fashion items in impeccable condition with over 7,500 square feet of selling space. The location is walking distance or a short metro ride from our luxury B&B apartment ‘B&B Christophe’ The 16th is where shrewd Parisians go to find great fashion bargains. Expect to find discounts ranging between 20% to 80% depending on the item, brand and demand. 95 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris, France
  2. Alternatives - Located in the bohemian Le Marais district, Alternatives is a popular destination for Parisian models for reselling and buying the latest designer fashions. You'll find a great range of clothing, including coats, dresses, shoes, bags and men's clothing. 17 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 7016, Paris. Petite B&Bs offer a luxury 5star B&B in the upscale 16th with garden courtyard and gourmet breakfasts served daily - B&B christophe
  3. Rue d’Alésia in the 14th arrondissement is teeming with off-price and discount shops. This street is less known to Paris visitors, but a find if you’re looking for overstocks of a number of known designers. At No. 64 and 110-112 Rue d’Alésia you’ll find Sonia Rykiel, Cacharel Stock is at No. 114, Jacadi at No. 116 and there are many trendy boutiques in between. 110 Rue d'Alésia, 75014 Paris, France
  4. Alternatively, when wondering Paris streets look out for any stores that say Depot-Ventes! These are consignment stores, and truly they are dotted all over the city. 
  • Shop at the Fleas: Spend a Saturday and/or Sunday morning in Paris is at the Porte de Vanves Flea Markets in the South of Paris -the BEST locals market for antiques for the best 'local' prices. It's a hugestrip of street-side dealers selling antiques, fashion, jewellery bric-a-brac and collectables. 14 Avenue Georges Lafenestre, 75014 Paris, France 
  • Vintage Flavour: In Montmartre, right behind the Abbesses metro station, Chine Machine stands apart as being one of the few vintage shops in the area with a dynamite customer service and appropriately priced, funky clothes for women. Near Hotel de Ville and the Centre Pompidou is another top spot for loads of vintage.  100 Rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris, France.
  • Visit Paris in January: The biggest SOLDES (Sales) begin in January and continue to end of February where designer and local brands are up to a shocking 90% OFF. Most popular destinations to hit are Galleries Lafayette and Printemps department stores. Note: sizes go first in January.  Galleries Lafayette - Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France. Printemps - 64, BOULEVARD HAUSSMANN 75009 PARIS – FRANCE. Serious shoppers can stay 5 mins walk away from these famous department stores in our very historic and cozy Petite Paris B&B Peet
  • Not Just for Les Enfants: Petit Bateau , the beloved French chain is not just for children anymore. Locals love Petit Bateau for its classic lines, unquestionable quality, and unbeatable prices -- especially during sales season. Classic t-shirts, sweaters, and other basics that will make you feel oh-so-French. If you’re looking for the classic Parisian long-sleeved shirt in white with navy blue stripes, there is no better place to find it than here. There are several locations around Paris. Various locations around Paris - www.stores.petit-bateau.com
  • Andre Stock: If you like a good bargain, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting quality shoes for less. Shoe prices in Paris are notoriously high for the quality, so no shopper should feel guilty about looking for a deal. Andre offers good quality for moderate prices, and here at its outlet store, you’ll find last season’s shoes for much less. 31 Avenue des Gobelins, 75013 Paris, France

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