NEW Tailored Itinerary Service  from Petite B&Bs

from 40euro per half day!

* Paris, Lisbon, Porto!

 Let our Travel Designers help you to explore your neighborhood in Paris, Lisbon or Porto, with a personalized itinerary with the best, most beautiful, must-see and also hidden secret spots nearby your B&B home or apartment.

Not just the major attractions, we offer those secret hole-in-the-wall venues, bars, brasseries, hidden gardens, unexpected vistas, quiet cafes, off-the-beaten-track laneways etc, destinations only the locals or those 'in-the'know' could tell you about.

OR request a personalised Itinerary based on your hobbies and interests in the city and we will create an itinerary to suit.

ORDER your itinerary today:

40euro HALF DAY itinerary

60euro FULL DAY itinerary

100euro 2 DAY itinerary

150euro 3 DAY itinerary