Petite B&Bs - Women Welcoming Women: A Gateway to International Friendships

Paris is a wonderful place for single women. You can stand at a bar and order your petit crème and not feel like an interloper - c’est tout a fait normale (it’s usual), bookstores, libraries and museums are brimming with the independent, gardens occupied by lone picnic-goers and late afternoon concerts a celebration of single buoyancy. French life is not solely a deux (couples only city).

But as liberating as this fact is, visiting Paris (or any city) alone as a woman can still feel daunting and lonely. So how do you integrate into the city in a safe and authentic way? Stay in a B&B!

Your resting place should be a ‘home’ like a classic home-stay B&B with genuine caring locals who welcome you like family, not a cold soul-less hotel with a concierge who can’t wait to go home, or a rental agent who throws the keys at you because they have 20 other check-ins to do.

Run by solo traveller, Regina Ferreira, Petite B&Bs works with independent women run B&Bs in real Parisian family homes, that offer an inviting, safe and supportive environment for ladies who travel. Women will share living space with their hosts who offer guided walks, visits to local markets, share city secrets and essential safety advice, share home-cooked meals with you and eagerly await your daily return to chat about your day. Often times our B&B guests become lifelong friends with their B&B hosts. 

Staying in a B&B also gives you the opportunity to meet other travellers and make more new relationships.

B&B Brigitte – Stay in Paris with our historian Brigitte; a lovely elderly lady who loves to share her knowledge of Paris with her guests inviting them into her private enchanting antique lounge room for afternoon tea, filled with volumes, magazines, pieces of art. Visit B&B Brigitte on the Petite Paris B&B website here -

B&B Antonella – A genuine kind heart and soul, Antonella is a yoga lover, swimmer and loyal host. Inviting you to café lessons, a yoga class or simply enjoying a chat over tea, she will show you the definition of hospitality and friendship all in one. Visit B&B Antonella on the Petite Paris B&B website here -


B&B Martinn – There is no more dedicated guide in Paris. Martinn does not live at the apartment she offers to guests BUT lives right around the corner and thrives on connecting with her guests offering guided walks around the neighbourhood sharing her expert advice on the best restaurants and cafes and sharing home cooked meals. Visit B&B Martinn on the Petite Paris B&B website -


Other ideas to help women integrate and connect with locals and other travelers and expats in Paris:
  •           Sign yourself up for a Meet-Up or Facebook group activities with people with similar passions transcends language and cultural borders. For example Yoga folks love to hang out with other yogi

  •         The Chamber - is a private pop-up cocktail club intended to reinvent the conviviality of the traditional Parisian salon for a modern, international crowd. Being a "pop-up,” every week members are e-mailed the secret location. The Chamber also hosts dinners, book club meetings, and boat rides, capped at 14 people to facilitate conversation. Tourists are encouraged to participate.
  •        Free Persephone - is a fragrance day spa/tea salon purposefully styled as a warm and welcoming multicultural gathering place for women. You can go for a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage but you can also pop in just to meet and chat with other expats and visitors over tea, cakes and cookies at the spa’s communal table. English is not only spoken, it’s encouraged! (66 boulevard Raspail, 6e;
  •        American Library of Paris’ - vibrant and welcoming Anglophone community is an attractive pull hosting a variety of gatherings and events, from wine tastings to book groups, to author talks and readings. Visitors can enter the library or attend events for a small fee. (10 rue de Général Camou, 7e;
  •        English-speaking churches in Paris - The American Cathedral of Paris (Episcopalian) and the American Church of Paris (interdenominational), host musical concerts, offer community group meetings (including for women, multicultural couples and the LGBQT community), as well as outreach programs designed to help the poor in the French community and around the world.

Ladies, boost your confidence and independence, learn who you really are and travel solo, you will never look back. The final word on the subject: the best time to go to Paris (or travel) is alone!