The first photograph of a human ever taken was in Paris (by Louis Daguerre in 1838 of a shoe polisher). The world has been obsessed with Parisians ever since; what they do, say, wear, eat and for visitors in Paris, where they go.
Finding out where that is is tricky. With 46 million visitors in 2018 it is no surprisese Parisians like to keep their favourite places hidden from visitors - and they are so good at keeping secrets secret! 
Our Paris B&B hosts break the code of secrecy on a few exclusive hidden spots in Paris near their B&B homes, listed below, because staying in a Petite Paris B&B is more than just staying in a Parisians home - it's a doorway into the secret life of where the real Parisians go. Read on...     
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Helene, our B&B hostess, is an art lover and interior decorator offering guests a romantic suite in her classic Paris home. She says 'forget the major museums' with the other hords of tourists, and invites her guests instead to Ateliers Rose Selavy a delightful art studio for adults and children to draw, paint (nude models), sculpt, sew, collage, do anything creative or simply to observe artists at work. Art studios are where Parisians go to MAKE ART.
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Aleliers Rose Selavy -

(Petite Paris B&b Helene)

Parisians love to find a serene green space to relax in away from it all. Butte Bergeyre is one such spot, a secret vineyard in Paris (pictured right) with vegetable garden and romantic city views. A place that time forgot! Accessible only by 3 obscure staircases there are even Parisians who do not know about this place. Simply pull up a garden chair, open a bottle of wine, gaze at the view and give a nod of knowing appreciation to the few Parisians there. This is where you go to ESCAPE like a Parisian.
Those who stay with Huguette in her rooftop B&B in Paris are usually looking for a more authentic experience of Paris away from the touristic areas; and nearby are two such spots. The Parc des Buttes Chaumont (a beautiful parc with views overlooking the city ideal of picnics among st the Parisians) and which means one thing to most Parisians - drinks at Rosa Bonheur  the local casual watering hole for a bottle of the famous house rose - this is where Parisians go to DRINK.
Also nearby Huguettes B&B is the Petite Ceinture - a 19mile belt of abandoned railway with community garden cared for by 450 community members. Among flowerbeds Parisians settle into chair to read or play a game of scrabble. This is where Parisians go to experience a sense of community and

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Rosa Bonheur -
Parc des Buttes Chaumont -
Parisians can escape to the countryside without ever leave the city. Rue des Thermopyles in the 14th and its surrounding labyrinth of streets is a quick portal to secret flowering lane-ways with thick curling vines, pastel shutters & arches of thick foliage that feel like a slice of Provence in Paris.  Marine's B&B home (a Sorbonne University teacher) is seconds from Provence' - let her guide you on a serene walk in Paris. Nearby is 'la Cite Bauer' a narrow laneway where neighbours sit and chat on their doorstep. The 14eme is where you go to 'PROVENCE' in Paris. 
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(B&B Marine)

Madness and Magic go together in Paris as Parisians love to be both amused and dubious. In an obscure corner of the Marais village , our B&B host Marie-Christine, says ditch the theatres and opera's and rub shoulders with the local Parisians for a night of entertainment, comedy and magic at Cafe theatre de Magic - Le Double Fond Magique restaurant/bar - it will be the entertainment highlight of your trip to Paris.
Let B&B host Marie-christine be your guide to the REAL Marais shopping district, the 'Haut Marais' (North Marais) where tangles of streets behind Rue Bretagne and Rue Charlot with local designer boutiques such as Jerome Deyfruss, Isabel Marant, the famous concept store 'Merci', and L'Habilleur - Known for its discounted designer clothes.  This is where the Parisians go to SHOP. (SIDE NOTE: Or the Galleries Lafayette Department store in January when the SALES are on)
Jerome Dreyfuss - 25 rue de Saintonge 75003
 Isabel Marant - 47 Rue de Saintonge 75003 
L'Habilleur - 44 rue de Poitou 75003



Merci - 111 Blvd Beaumarchais 75003


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Where Parisians EAT is anywhere classic French or Italiano. "They love Italian" says Peet, a Petite B&B professional, French Chef and TV personality who offers home-cooked meals with guests staying in his Petite B&B in the 10th arrondissement. He recommends La Cappanina - a popular French restaurant in the Latin Quarter with beautiful terrace - it sits on that winding street where Heminway and his buddies pick up Owen Wilson on the steps of St Etienne Cathedral. After dinner head to Pantheon Palace, this is where Parisians go to the MOVIES! 
La Cappanina -
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For Parisians favourite French restaurant, B&B hostess Elisabeth reveals that right around the corner from her 2 level grand Parisian B&B home, Le Bouillon Chartier is the firm WINNER! Traditional fare of exceptional quality and affordable prices with all the vibrant classic atmosphere one would expect from a classic bistrot, and with wonderful cheery service, this is a locals secret!!
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