B&B finder and Petite founder Regina Ferreira, helps guests seeking quality  B&B (Bed and Breakfast) apartments in Paris, Lisbon, Porto and  Melbourne (more cities to follow soon).

Technological progress has made life easier but evaporated the touch and feel of actual human contact and lessened the expectation of a quality stay with so many sites being 'hit n miss'. What we need more and more today are real personal  exchanges and honest reviews and feedback we can trust from an  accommodation B&B expert, like Regina.

Once a home has been personally matched to you, an automatic booking system makes securing the home easy and instant online.


All B&B prices are inclusive of:


1. Book your desired home instantly online by browsing the online catalogue

2. Schedule an appointment with Regina to discuss your B&B needs and for Regina's personalized booking service experience. 

3. Email or Call Regina and leave your travel dates - Regina will send a list of availabilities.

TO begin your personalized Petite B&B booking service CONTACT PETITE B&BS

Petite stays B&B homes are selected in accordance to a strict B&B Quality of Charter, as set out by the Paris Tourism Bureau (Paris, the birthplace of B&Bs and hospitality) and we follow these guidelines for all Petite B&Bs in Portugal and Australia.

Read about How Petite B&Bs began here.

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