I’d MUCH rather fork out for an amazing Parisian apartment and find‘smart ways to save (cut-corners) on living costs than the opposite. Hands down! Paris is all about the apartment life first and then smart living second. Ask any Parisian! Like Delphine, owner of an exquisite Paris apartment on the Seine river banks of the St-Germain des Pres. Would you ‘live’ in pinching payless shoes while wearing new Loubouton? She said to me one day? Non… your Paris home, should be your dream ‘designer’ I’m-worth-it ‘shoes’, coupled with an awesome designer thrift-shop outfit, kinda lifestyle! That’s how the Parisians do it.

And no, we are not suggesting you eat baguette sandwiches for dinner or ration the cheese, basically sitting hostage (and hungry) in your apartment rental or luxurious B&B. All you need is to know where to go (and when) for all your authentic budget friendly, foodie and fashion expenses.  This is especially important for families needing a home with plenty of space but equally need to save money too.


 TRY: Chez Gladine's famous 5 diamants salade from Chez Gladines at 10euros. 44 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris, France. Our Petite Paris B&B Brigitte is seconds walk from here.

Or perennial favorite, Bistrot Victoire a classic, cozy and ideal for those traveling on a budget who want to enjoy authentic French cuisine. Their amazing salads are €10-11 each. 6 Rue la Vrillière 75001 Paris, France


  1. Reciproque is the largest luxury designer consignment store in Paris, and is an absolute must for fashion lovers searching for luxury fashion items in impeccable condition with over 7,500 square feet of selling space. The location is walking distance or a short metro ride from our luxury B&B apartment ‘B&B Christophe’ The 16th is where shrewd Parisians go to find great fashion bargains. Expect to find discounts ranging between 20% to 80% depending on the item, brand and demand. 95 Rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris, France
  2. Alternatives - Located in the bohemian Le Marais district, Alternatives is a popular destination for Parisian models for reselling and buying the latest designer fashions. You'll find a great range of clothing, including coats, dresses, shoes, bags and men's clothing. 17 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 7016, Paris. Petite B&Bs offer a luxury 5star B&B in the upscale 16th with garden courtyard and gourmet breakfasts served daily - B&B christophe
  3. Rue d’Alésia in the 14th arrondissement is teeming with off-price and discount shops. This street is less known to Paris visitors, but a find if you’re looking for overstocks of a number of known designers. At No. 64 and 110-112 Rue d’Alésia you’ll find Sonia Rykiel, Cacharel Stock is at No. 114, Jacadi at No. 116 and there are many trendy boutiques in between. 110 Rue d'Alésia, 75014 Paris, France
  4. Alternatively, when wondering Paris streets look out for any stores that say Depot-Ventes! These are consignment stores, and truly they are dotted all over the city. 

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