FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book and confirm a Petite B&B or apartment?

You can either:

  1. Book instantly online by entering your dates and selecting an available home and following the prompts to book and receive instant email confirmation.
  2. Email us for directly personalised one-on-one assistance in finding the right home. We are online 24hrs.  For this service CONTACT PETITE B&BS HERE and Regina, Founder of Petite B&Bs will be in touch with you.

 How are Booking Payments made? 

The booking fee is paid securely online by PayPal or Credit/Debit card. We DO NOT keep any credit card or PayPal details. 

On arrival the balance is paid to your B&B host. Hosts accept Cash, Paypal and/or Credit cards. Please note - as each home and host accept different payment methods please pay attention to the details on your B&Bs webpage.

How much is the booking fee?

Booking fee varies between 10-30% of the total cost of your stay, depending on the home chosen. The amount is shown at the time of booking before check out with the balance due on arrival.

Do I have to pay a security deposit? How much is it? How do I pay? 

There is NO security deposit for classic B&Bs.

Note: we reserve the right to charge for any missing items from the B&B or apartment.

What are the Check-in/Check-out times?  What happens if I arrive earlier/later?  

Check in is generally 2pm 

Check out is generally 10am 

Should guests wish to check-in earlier they may request this prior to arrival. Earlier check in is possible if there are no prior guests and cleaning has been conducted - however this cannot be assured and often can only be confirmed 24-48hours prior to arrival. Luggage can be dropped off early (anytime) if needed we just ask guests to advise as far in advance as possible. 


How much are your homes? How do you set your rates? Why is one apartment more expensive than another?

Petite B&B's aims to offer prices that are attractive to our guests and prices which are appropriate for the high quality of our B&B's and the careful personalised service our hosts provide. Our Paris or Portugal prices begin as low as 80euro per night (for 2)and reach 275euro per night. Our Australian B&Bs start at $80AUD per night and reach $350AUD per night. 

Many factors may influence the price of our individual homes. Size, Location, Amenities, Quality of Renovation, Quality of Furnishings, No. of bedrooms, Floor, View, the extend of services provided within the home by the hosts, and more. 

We offer the best service, handpicking all our homes in person for our very specific clientele and this means you will not have to wonder if you will have a pleasant experience. You do not want to rent from a company simply because they have the lowest prices and especially one that allows any one from the public to list their room or home without any inspection or quality control. It is important to choose the right company because customer service is not commonly respected or managed in the same way that you might expect at home. 

Do you price match?

Most homes on the Petite B&B website are exclusive to Petite and cannot be found elsewhere; though there are some exceptions for select homes. For any home advertised on other websites the answer is generally NO we do not price match. Our costs reflect the extra time and work we put into our manual service which includes regularly traveling to and inspecting our homes and making necessary quality adjustments, as well as the time we put in to help guests on a personal level, to pick the right home. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Booking payments made to Petite B&B's are non-refundable at any time for any reason. However booking payments remain a credit to guests to go towards another booking, with no expiry date, if the cancellation is made at least 30 days before arrival. 

For cancellations less than 30 days before arrival the booking fee is forfeited and full balance is charged and due to the B&B host. For this reason we strongly encourage our guests to take out Travel Insurance for unexpected cancellations.

Conditions of Booking Credits: the new booking must be the SAME or GREATER value of the previous booking/home that was cancelled as no refund or any difference in pricing is offered.

Partial Cancellation: What happens if I want to reduce the number of nights?

Partial cancellations are possible but will be treated as full cancellations. See above terms.

What if I want to change my dates?

If you have made a booking and later wish to change your dates there will be an admin fee of 30euro and the change will only be possible if: 

What are your Terms & Conditions?

CLICK HERE for our full T&Cs

What if I want to change my B&B?

If you have made a booking and later wish to change your B&B there will be an admin fee of 30euro and the change will only be possible if: 

Can my reservation be cancelled by the B&B host? 

Petite classic B&B's are regular family homes, not run by businesses’ but by regular local residencies; for this reason on (very) rare occasions personal matters mean they may not be able to keep your booking in their home i.e family and medical emergencies.  Also the very unlikely case of fire or plumbing accident, lack of basic utilities, or any other cause which may render the B&B apartment uninhabitable means the owner and Petite B&B's may terminate the reservation entirely or in part. Guest will be informed at the earliest possible time will be offered other similar B&B options.  The booking paid to Petite B&B's still remains non refundable but will be used/transferred to the new B&B booking. If the new B&B is lower in price, there will be a deduction and refund given to guests from the original booking in this case.  

Can my stay be terminated?

We reserve the right to terminate without notice any individuals stay where deemed necessary through unacceptable behaviour or as a result of actions which are likely to endanger or offend others. Please note that non compliance of our non smoking B&Bs policy may constitute termination. In such cases any outstanding amounts must be settled, no refunds will be made.

Pets – can bring pets to my B&B?

Generally no pets are allowed in any Petite B&B. Some B&B hosts will accept small pets if it is requested prior to arrival – please select our ‘pet-friendly’ filter on our search page to find our pet friendly homes and hosts. 

Smoking – can I smoke in a Petite B&B?

Generally there is NO smoking in any Petite B&B. If your host/homeowners allows it, it will be specified in the homes description and it will be limited to outdoor spaces only. Please select our ‘non-smoking’ filter on the search page to see any smoking friendly homes.

Note: any non-compliance of our non-smoking B&Bs policy may constitute termination of guests stay immediately. In such cases any outstanding amounts must be settled, no refunds will be made.

Is there Wifi Internet in Petite B&B homes?

Yes all our B&Bs are Wifi equipped and the cost is included in your rate.

Remember to bring a EURO Adaptor for your electronic items.

Important: Petite B&Bs is not responsible for any electrical damage to your equipment and does not provide converters or adapters.

Is there parking in the B&B or apartment?

Most Petite B&B's or apartments do not offer parking, though some do. 

You can search by filters and select 'parking' to see which homes offer this. 

Note: Our hosts are happy to direct guests to the nearest public parking stations, closest to their home.

Is there air-conditioning in my B&B ?

Petite B&B owners and hosts provide fans for each B&B and apartment, and some offer air conditioning. Please refer to the homes description or utilise our search function (and select Air-con) to see which homes offer it.

For Paris specifically, fans are generally all that is needed. Air Conditioning may be a common feature of homes in the US, Canada, and Australia, but this is not the same in France. It is uncommon to find apartments with AC in Paris, because apartments are too small to fit AC ducts, buildings are very old and difficult to modify and very high temperatures are extremely rare in Paris. Paris is known more for clouds and rain than scorching heat and uncomfortable weather. Most Parisians have never felt it necessary. Note: this is what makes our homes authentic, we are not a hotel service. 

Walls are also thick, windows are small, and buildings maintain a steady temperature inside. For unexpected heatwaves in the summer homes do provide fans and most guests will find this to be adequate.

What happens after booking? What do I have to do?

Service and Discount Questions

Does Petite B&B's provide airport shuttle?

No. However some B&B hosts and apartment owners DO offer a shuttle service. If this is the case it will be written on the homes description page and also offered for you to select it you wish, at the time of booking. 

Do you offer last minute discounts?

The Petite B&Bs website is programmed to automatically offer any special rates that may apply for the dates you search. 

Last minute rates, if they apply, are only offered during low season periods (November – March) excluding Christmas and New Years -20th December to 5th January. Bookings are considered last minute if within 14 days of arrival.  

Do you offer sales and discounts for low season or long stays?

Some homes offer discounted rates for low season, some do not.

Some homes offer discounted rates for stays over 5 nights, 7 nights, 10 nights, monthly and so on. Some do not. 

The Petite B&B's website is programmed to automatically offer any special rates that may apply for the B&B and/or dates you search. 

What is included in my B&B?

In general included with all Petite B&B home listings are:

Some classic B&Bs also include the following: (be sure read each B&B's for details) 

Is Electricity included in the rates?

Electricity, gas, water/hot water are always included in the advertised rates for all classic B&B’s.

Can I visit the apartment before booking?

Generally NO. For short stays we cannot disturb our guests who are staying in the B&B at that moment. For longer term stays (of over 1 month) please contact Petite B&Bs and we will attempt a viewing.

What is the exact address of the B&B?

To protect the privacy and the security of our local homeowners and clients, we do not publish the street number of any B&B – only the street name is provided before booking. The full address will be communicated once you have booked with us. 

CHECK IN Questions

How do I get keys to my home? Who will greet me at arrival?

Your B&B host will greet you on arrival and offer you the keys to your home or suite during the check-in process.

Can I drop bags early?

All Petite B&Bs  offer early bag drop before check-in time upon request. If there are guests still in the apartment or the apartment has not yet been cleaned guests can drop bags and will need to return at the normal check-in time. 

Please check your home description for any special details about bag drop off. 

What happens if I am late for check-in?

We ask all our guests to ensure they notify their B&B host if they are going to be delayed by phone or text. If possible, also send an email too.

With no delay information from you, your host will normally wait only up to 1 hour after your original scheduled time, beyond this they may need to leave the home for personal reasons. In this case guests will need to renegotiate check-in time with their host – this is not ideal as it may leave you waiting with luggage until your host is able to get back to the B&B. Therefore we strongly advise guests contact hosts if it appears they will be late. Providing flight or train numbers to your hosts is also a good idea, as it means they can also keep an eye on any delays. 

CHECK OUT Questions

When is check-out? Can I depart later? 

Checkout is generally 10am. Please refer to your homes specific details for any slight variation to this. 

If you would like to stay longer, please email your request at least 48hours in advance. This request will be considered but may not be possible due to the arrival of next guest and cleaning schedules. 

If you would like to GUARANTEE late check out or departure, it is best to book an extra night to ensure no other guests will arrive and you can depart at the time of your choosing. 

Where do I leave the keys at check-out?

In a classic B&B you would simply leave them with your host or on the dining table if your host is not there at the time of your leaving.

Note: Never leave the keys in the BACK of the door lock, this will permanently lock the door and you will be responsible for the cost of replacement.

Can I store my luggage if my flight leaves later?

CHECK-OUT IS GENERALLY BY 10am (please refer to your homes specific details). In most cases, there will be a new guest arriving on the day of your departure. For this reason, it is very important that the cleaning begin at 10am. We do not want to slow the arrival of the next guest, and we ask for your cooperation. If you want to request a late departure, please contact your host 2-3 weeks in advance of your arrival. If scheduling allows, your host will tell you how long you can stay. We apologise in advance if this is not possible.

Hosts will generally be happy to hold your luggage for you until you return later to collect. 

Luggage Storage Facilities are available in each city. Please contact us for information.

Are there any Cleaning Fees?

Cleaning is included in all classic B&B homes.

I have left an item in the B&B or apartment what do I do? 

Your B&B host will be happy to post forgotten items at the guests expense for the postage cost – to be paid in advance.

If your item is replaceable, it may be better to replace it at home. If the item is valuable, sending the item by normal French poste is not advised. Delays may be considerable and the risk of loss is significant. We will recommend using a more secure method such as DHL. The cost will be greater, as well as the security. In either case, Petite B&Bs and hosts cannot accept any liability if your item is delayed, broken, or lost during shipping.


Who do I contact for help during my stay?

Your B&B host or apartment owner is available if you have any trouble during your stay and are generally available 8am to 8pm. However a list of emergency contacts will be provided to guests by their B&B host. Guests may also contact Petite B&B's.

What if I need to suddenly leave the B&B?
Departing early is considered a cancellation on the guest’s behalf and there will be no refund of any nights. Please see our full T&Cs

What happens if something stops working?

Although a rare occurrence, all appliances/equipment are subject to breakdown and wear and tear. If any appliance or equipment malfunctions during your stay, your B&B host will try to arrange the repair promptly however it is not guaranteed to be repaired during your stay - it depends on the item and complexity of the repair.

If hot water, electricity, or any other essential services fail during your stay, repairs will be attempted as quickly as possible. If the repair is not successful, you will be given the options to switch to another Petite B&B home immediately. 

Note: Only Essential Utilities will justify movement to another B&B or apartment. For Example: Water, Electricity, and Heating. The failure of elevators, internet, telephone, television, or kitchen appliances, will not result in re-accommodation.

What happens if I lose my keys?

Guests will be responsible for the replacement and cost of getting new keys cut by the B&B owner. 

What protection do I need in case of Loss, Theft or Injury?

To protect yourself, it is advised that you acquire your own travel insurance policy and seek compensation from your insurance provider in the case of cancellation, break in and theft, or any other potential source of loss or injury, as Petite B&Bs and hosts are not held liable. 

About our B&B's

What types of homes do you offer?

 Petite B&Bs offers classic homestay B&Bs run by lovely and experienced local owners and hosts. To date we offer homes in Paris, Portugal, Australia as well as country homes, villas and chateaux in the Sth of France. 

Our homes are real authentic cozy and intimate family homes. B&Bs are shared homes living with your local homeowner/host in a specially renovated and furnished guest-room or entire suit (designed specifically for a charming and refined B&B experience, and some even with private entries). 

Homes types that are offered are:

Some of the home offer:

How do you select your homes? 

As B&B professionals we professionally handpick all our homes in person and through-word of mouth the most unique, special, beautiful and accommodating B&B homes and only with the most dedicated hosts who thrive on giving and who love meeting travellers, sharing their home and city secrets and who WANT to ensure you have the most memorable experience staying in their home. Only qualified committed and interesting hosts are selected. 

Searching on a very personal level in this manner means we tightly manage and control the types and quality of our homes to ensure quality experiences are always guaranteed. Bi-annual inspections take place at all Petite B&Bs.

Having started out as a Paris B&B service, we work (and are registered with) the Paris' Tourism Bureau and abide by their B&B 'Quality of Charter' which requires all homeowners who want to run a B&B to register officially with their city councils, and their homes much meet the crucial criteria for authenticity, space, style, safety, ventilation, breakfast requirements, cleanliness and services including cultural exchange opportunities.

We select all our homes to meet this standard of quality. These are not the homes of residents who are looking purely to make some extra cash with little care for the presentation of their homes. Instead they are well-off residents who do not need the cash but offer the service predominately as a labor of love, and for the wonderful experience they too receive by having you in their home. 

What is a B&B?

An authentic classic B&B is a regular family home occupied by the owner who offers one or more guestrooms or suites to travelling guests. A B&B can offer private or shared bathrooms and assure guests a traditional hospitable and cultural experience living with local residents who promise to provide quality traditional breakfasts, opportunities to connect and interact and act as local guides towards experiencing their city.  Standard services include daily cleaning of your room, providing basic toiletries, towels and linens, tea/coffee facilities. 

Modern B&B are family homes that have been renovated or adapted to provide a more private experience for guests to suit todays independent travellers i.e. private entry suites and quarters within the home; whilst still offering the traditional breakfast and hospitality services as above.   

How are you different from other B&B services? 

  1. See above – How we select our homes.
  2. We still offer the much-needed personal one-on-one tailored email service and human contact that is missing in todays automated world. This means that we can match you to the perfect home and offer you all the information right down to the smallest detail of each home and we have selected, tested and stay in every single one of our B&B homes so our experience and honesty is assured. 
  3. Hosts or apartment owners CANNOT list their homes automatically without going through Petite B&Bs first and only if they meet the quality checks and tests. 
How did Petite B&B's begin? 

 Read our blog Post about the Petite B&B beginnings HERE

Are there any special guidelines, rules or restrictions for staying in a petite B&B?

It is each guest’s responsibility to respect the B&B and treat it as their own. To be mindful of guests next door and noise and to ensure they leave the apartment as tidy and clean and intact as they found it.  Our B&Bs are the private property of individuals who care very deeply for their B&Bs and wish for the guest to treat it kindly. Once you check-in, you should consider yourself a guest and act responsibly to avoid damage to walls, sheets, couches, appliances, towels, etc. 

Guests may be charged or removed from the property for any of the following reasons:

Read our blog post 'B&B Rulz' – for the B&B CODE OF CONDUCT and what to expect when you stay in someone else's home. 

Are there any other special features I need to know about the B&Bs before booking?

Typically Parisian and Portuguese apartments are known to be on the smaller side with thinner inner walls. Guests must not choose a shared B&B or apartment if they feel they will experience lack of space or privacy in any way. Petite Paris will help advise of the specific layouts in shared scenarios if guests request, I.e where the guest room is positioned in the home (next to other ooms or the lounge etc) about private or shared areas and entires, about sound within the apartment etc. 

Not all apartment buildings have lifts. In Paris in particular many do not as the buildings are very old and cannot cope with the addition or amendments, or simply do not have space, while others are historic listed and restricts have been applied by the Parisian government. We have indicated if our homes have a lift or if they are on the ground floor.

If any specific feature or amenity is not explicitly written on the homes description (i.e dishwasher, air-con) then it does not exist in that home. 

Practical Paris City Questions

WHEN is the best time to go to Paris?’

The truth is ANY time is a good time! Paris is beautiful in all seasons, under all weather conditions (even rain and snow are romantic in Paris) at any holiday, high or low season! You can have so much fun frolicking in the summer months to all the outdoor terraces, festivals, parks, sitting Seine-side soaking the sun, but you can also rug up in cosy winter gear and frequent the cafes for coffee avalanches, high tea treats, roving from restaurant to restaurant, meandering museums, bustling bars, lingering the libraries and more,in true romantic Parisian fashion. 

With that in mind August is high tourist month andalso holiday time for Parisian; locals tend to flock to their holiday destinations in Provence and other fabulous places, leaving the city predominantly tourist filled. If you want to go in the summer months and mix more with locals go in June, July or September.

How long should I stay in Paris?

In any city, long enough to be able to walk, not sprint to your must-see attractions; long enough to be able to sleep well and even sleep-in a few mornings and not getup at the crack of dawn to join any qeues; long enough to meander around and discover new places and/or return to favourite places on your last day and long enough to spend an adequate amount of time café sitting, watching, reading and/or writing...having the time to slow down and absorb life. Overall, I recommend minimum 5 nights!

‘What do I pack?’

Pack according to the season but always with a few pieces for the opposite – Europe is moody and can surprise you - a summer day can turn chilly if not cold and rainy. No matter what ALWAYS take an umbrella, a shawl or simple cardigan and a stylish tee or blouse, in case a winter day turns warm you don’t have to wear a ‘washing - machine stained accident’ usually worn for layering for warmth

Where do I stay in Paris if I want to be central - near cafes/shops etc. 

In Paris - Think of every neighborhood or arrondissements of Paris as a little Paris within Paris. You will never be without the quintessential classic cafes, brasseries, traditional wood and red leather bars, zinc bars, boulangeries, patisseries, fresh vibrant street markets, secret hidden gardens and Parks, even museums. So no matter where you stay you will have the full Parisian life experience at your door. Though indeed each neighborhood has a distinct feel and history and it's is still important to decide which 'feels like home' to you – READ our Blog post: 'Where to Stay in Paris' 

Which is the left and right bank? 

Figuring out which side of the river you are standing on is very simple though the river's curvy nature often does make orientation difficult. The trick is to remember when you face DOWNRIVER (i.e. the river flows downward) the left bank is on your left and the right bank is on your right. If you can't figure out which way the water is flowing (don't look at the boats, they go upstream as well as down!) drop a potato chip or look for some debris and see which way it's floating. Then you will be able to make it to the Café Les Deux Magots on time, and not end up at La Defense.

How do I get to my B&B from the airport?

The most comfortable mode of transportation from the airport is a SHARED or PRIVATE VAN. We recommend you reserve a shuttle to arrive at your B&B or apartment in the easiest manner possible. The shuttle is a FIXED FEE and you will not pay more if there is traffic or other delays. Some transfer services available are:




TAXI: The price of taxis can vary widely because of unpredictable car traffic and serious highway congestion. From Charles De Gaulle Airport or ORLY, the price can be anywhere from 25euro to 85euro, with the average around 50euro.

By Train: The train station is very practical, inexpensive and easy to find at CDG Airport or ORLY.

From CDG Airport: simply follow the signs to the level below (Warning: No lifts you must walk down with luggage 1 flight); and take the RER-B train which takes approx. 35mins to reach Paris Gare Du Nord Central Paris train station.

The ticket is 10euro per person and allows you to change to the metro train system once you reach the main central station of Paris. This means you can use the same ticket purchased from the airport to catch the next local metro line to your apartment or B&B (so long as you do not exist the train station through the turnstile).  Tickets can be purchased over the counter at the Airport or at one of the ticket machines.

Click HERE for more helpful information.

From ORLY Airport: you are catching the RER-B line from the other direction- from Antony train station and you need to reach Antony station via the Orly Val shuttle train. 

OR take the ORLYBUS that takes you to Denfert-Rochereau metro station and from there you switch to the metro lines. 

Click HERE for more helpful information about Paris Trains.

Click HERE for more information about transport from the Airports of Paris.

How easy is it to use the Metro in Paris? Are they safe?

Very! And yes! But do take the proper normal precaution and keep an eye on your belongings as you would in any city. There are always pick-pockets, again like all cities.

There is a metro train station within 5 minutes' walk of all Petite Paris B&B homes. 

We recommend getting acquainted with the metro system in Paris before arriving to understand the lines, to recognize which station is closest to your accommodation and which line number (and color coded). It will also help you to see how you may need to navigate a few line changes to reach various attractions and attractions in Paris. 

TIP: It is cheaper to buy a booklet of 10 subway tickets (approximately 13.30 euros) rather than to buy individual tickets (1.70 euro each). Or it may be worthwhile to get weekly, monthly or 3-5 day passes. If you stay at least 4 nights in Paris and cannot walk get a weekly ticket (15.40euro approx from Monday to Sunday). Be careful, certain counter employees, certainly commissioned for each sale, will try to dissuade you and try to sell a 5 day tourist card to you. They can tell you that the orange card is only for Parisians or working people. This is incorrect. 

* You can pick up pocket size metro maps at each Metro station to keep handy

Where are the best places to eat, drink and sight-see in Paris?

1. Visit out Insider Paris City Guide pages COMING SOON

2. BUY our Paris insider guide ebook for the ultimate collection of the best, most beautiful and secret things to see and so in Paris - for only $4.99 for over 250 beautiful color pages with Paris images, full practical information and details, directions and map links for live navigation from the streets of Paris. Click here to preview and/or purchase.

Practical Lisbon 

When is the best time to go to Lisbon?

 Lisbon is beautiful in all seasons, but best experienced in the Summer, holiday and festivals season. Summer months are June – August with June  being the ultimate time as it is also the Festival Popular Saints (peak festival season) with festivities almost every night throughout the month with live street festivals, music, food, wine down those gorgeous medieval streets. The city is also best enjoyed when you can make use of all the miradouros (viewpoints) on so many hilly rooftops where terrace cafes and bars beckon. Spring (March – May) and Autumn (September to November) are also very picturesque and very comfortable and less crowded - it is a small city.

How long do I stay in Lisbon?

Long enough to be able to walk, not sprint to your must-see attractions; long enough to be able to sleep well and even sleep-in a few mornings and not getup at the crack of dawn to join any qeues; long enough to meander around and discover new places and/or return to favourite places on your last day and long enough to spend an adequate amount of time doing nothing but café sitting, watching, reading and/or writing...having the time to slow down and absorb life. Overall, we recommend minimum 5 nights. 

Where do I stay in Lisbon? Which Neighborhood's are best?

 READ our Blog post: 'Where to Stay in Lisbon' 

How to get to my B&B or apartment from the airport?

Perhaps one of the easiest and shortest airport to city rides, only 9KM and 10min from Lisbon Portela to the city, you can take advantage of this and take a TAXI for 12 – 25 euro. OR the cheapest options is taking the train which is immediately outside the arrival doors and down the escalators where signs cannot be missed. Tickets are only 1.45euro and you take the red line to Alameda or Saldanha and change lines for the correct metro cloest to your B&B or apartment. 

Click HERE for a Lisbon Metro map

Is it easy and safe to use the metro system?

Very! And yes! But do take the proper normal precaution and keep an eye on your belongings as you would in any city.

There is a metro train station within 5 minutes' walk of all Petite Paris B&B homes. 

We recommend getting acquainted with the metro system in Lisbon before arriving to understand the lines, to recognize which station is closest to your home as well as which line number (and color coded). It will also help you to see how you may need to navigate a few line changes to reach various attractions and attractions in Paris. 

A single fare is 1.45euro and this covers all buses, trains and trams. 
A 24hr pass is 6.15euro. 

Click HERE for a Lisbon Metro map

Where are the best places to eat, drink and sightsee in Lisbon?

Read our Blog Post: 'Insider guide to Lisbon' - which will be updated regularly.

Visit our Insider Lisbon Page  - COMING SOON



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