"Take advantage of my extensive research & travels hunting for those 'special' homes and BOOK a quality assured, tried & tested, Petite home today!"

"I will help you select the RIGHT home with one-on-one human personalized service, using my first-hand knowledge of each home. 9am-5pm AEST. Humans need sleep"

"I work with hosts who are genuinely in the B&B business to meet travellers, showoff their love of hospitality and to share local knowledge, not purely to 'make money'!"

LIFETIME GUARANTEE if you cancel your booking, your deposit becomes a CREDIT for your next Petite Stays booking -anytime. Watch as our portfolio of homes & cities expand!

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Complimentary bottle of wine on arrival at your Petite Stays home.

Hi, I’m Regina. Thanks for stopping by my Petite Stays website. I am a B&B accommodation expert with 10 years industry experience and I personally seek out and handpick all the very special B&Bs and apartments that you see in this website, in France, Portugal and Australia.

Seeking incredible homes and hosts is my delight and passion ever since a small child being fascinated with (and staring at) different homes, wondering what they were like inside, I have found a job that allows me to GO inside and pick the best and cosiest ones for your B&B travel stay.

I believe in quality intimate human (and cultural) experiences while travelling. Is there any other way?! I regularly inspect and stay in all my B&B host's homes; and this is an essential and crucial part of my service and quality assurance promise to my lovely guests.

Not merely receiving a key, my guests receive a whole new way to ‘Stay’. Like living with family and/or feeling like you have ‘come home’.

I promise to help you select the BEST home for your desired experience, in the finest intimate of ways, using my experience and honest communication about each home and its individual style and practicalities.

In my catalogue of Petite homes you will find classic B&Bs with breakfast service in historic homes, romantic suites, artists studios to self contained private apartments for travelers who wish to live independently.

All Petite Paris, Portugal and Australian homes are certified, formally registered with their local city councils and accommodation registrars.

I manage my selection of B&B homes intimately and maintain close relationships with all my B&B hosts and apartment owners to ensure guests experience a perfect home stay experience every time. My hosts love the intimate and personal service I offer them too as a more trusting, friendly, flexible and authentic service than the ‘hit n miss’ automated apps and B&B listing platforms. If you are a B&B owner want to be listed on the Petite Stays website please request a B&B Visit with me HERE.

B&Bs services offered by my hosts include: elegant breakfasts, daily cleaning, afternoon teas, concierge services. Many also offer language lessons, art lessons, and cooking lessons, guided walks or other cultural services at request.

You really do deserve the Petite Stays B&B experience.

Regina x