The 'Petite' difference - Why stay with us!

Petite B&Bs is a boutique bnb service. What does that mean in today's world of modern and savvy accommodation services? And what does that promise you, the traveler and guest? It means that despite big competitors we remain small, selective and serious on quality with a very select catalogue of handpicked homes that we have personally inspected, tested and selected according to our specific high level quality for unique style, impeccable service and cultural authenticity (living like a local) - to make your stay memorable and perfect EVERY TIME - from beautiful aesthetics and ambiance, to enriching cultural connections with the locals and to perfect service and care.  Our B&B hosts are all very experienced and have been hosting since well before the airbnb boom, many since the 80s they they understand the authentic and traditional warm level of hospitality that is required. Many do not offer their B&B for the income as they may be well-off or employed in other jobs, they offer their B&B for the love of meeting and hosting travelers from around the world, to connect and learn about different cultures while sharing their own city and home. 

 If you are new to the B&B world and do not know what the B&B experience entails or what to expect, read our blog post 'How to stay in someone's home'.

From historic mansions, to romantic suites, to artists studios, you can find both modern and classic styles and homes to suit all budgets. We visit all our homes regularly and maintain close connection and relationships with our B&B hosts and apartment owners to maintain quality standards.

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We offer intimate one-on-one classic human booking service to ensure guests are matched to the right  home, one that meets their needs, desires and personal style precisely. This is our specialty and niche, as B&B experts having handpicked all homes we offer honest recommendations.CLICK HERE to email us now directly.

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