Wifi in B&Bs: All Petite Paris B&Bs and apartments have free Wifi so connecting while you are in your lovely home is always possible. 

WiFi in public places:

To quickly locate a free Paris WiFi hotspot nearby, look for the WiFi sign in parks, gardens, squares and around major tourist attractions. 

Municipal WiFi Zones:

The easiest way to locate a municipal wifi network is to first determine what Parisian arrondissement (district) you are in by looking at a street sign on the corner of the nearest building - the arrondissement number is indicated below the street name. Next, consult ParisData to find networks in your area: if you're in the 3rd arrondissement, you'd search for wifi zones under 75003.

How to connect in designated surfing zones only:

Hotspot MAP:

Wifi Space's map shows hotspots all over the city, with useful breakdowns of outdoor networks, cafe hotspots, and othertypes of locations. It also specifies whether there's a password required for a given hotspot. While it may not always be perfectly up-to-date, it's nevertheless an excellent resource.

 Our Top 10 WiFi friendly Cafes: 

(Places where you can stay for more than a few minutes, enjoying a good cafe au lait and catching up with your email or plotting out your next adventure).

1. Coutume Instituutti - Quartier latin 5eme - 60 Rue des Écoles, 75005 - MAP

A 'Finnish' cool, calm, open space to type your emails over a cup of coffee (€4) made for people who love  to drink it, made by the people who love to talk about it. . It’s sleek, quiet without disapproving of conversation and very spacious – there’s something in the tastefully minimalist wooden furnishings that positively begs you to whip out your MacBook.


2. Loustic - 3e arrondissement - 40 Rue chapon 75003 - MAP

Loustic's sexy design lamps, geometric patterns, huge cushions and deep bamboo chairs give the slightly poky venue a voguish coating. Throw in the arty Marais address, the eclectic international food on offer and the mood jazz on the sound system, and you’ve got yourself a hipster hangout par excellence. The layout of the café is a bit awkward but in the back the venue opens out into a snug space furnished with a large corner sofa and gentle yellow lighting. 

 (photo credit: Kirsten Pelou)


3. Café Lomi - 18e arrondissement - 3 Rue Marcadet 75018 - MAP

Hidden away in an unfashionable part of the 18th arrondissement, Lomi opened in October 2012. From the outside, this looks like a bland modern building, but Lomi’s architect has transformed a basic concrete space into a cool café that resembles an abandoned warehouse with rusty metal girders, peeling paint on the walls, simple wooden tables and old leather couches. The café has already attracted a strong local following, with a colourful mix of mums and babies, building workers and students hunched over laptops, local businessmen and coffee fanatics making a pilgrimage.

Lomi is one of an increasing number of Franco-Australian collaborations, owned by Aleaume Paturle, who picked up the coffee bug making espressos in San Diego, and Aussie barista Paul Arnephy.


4. Café Craft - 10eme arrondissementCanal Saint-Martin - 24 Rue Vinaigriers 

In a quiet street minutes from the Canal Saint-Martin, this café is a refuge for the new breed of wireless creative who are flocking to the trendy outskirts of eastern and northern Paris. With its high speed WiFi, studious atmosphere and minimalist yet welcoming design inherited from Brooklyn and Scandinavia, Craft Café represents a kind of place that is still relatively unusual in Paris. And like its ancestors in London and New York, Café Craft trumpets its coffee credentials, claiming to serve the best in Paris (a bold challenge, non?) – theirs is made from beans roasted by the famous Café Lomi. For blood sugar, there are sweet and savoury pastries.


5. Anticafe Beaubourg - 3eme arrondissement - 79 Rue Quincampoix 75003 - MAP

This café was made for people to want to go working: you do not pay according to what you drink but according to the time you spend there; €5 for an hour, and beyond 5 hours you pay the daily fee – which is €24. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription of €240. It is possible to get a membership card just by asking for it at the counter. This card will give you a 15% discount; students and unemployed people can get a 10% discount (warning: you cannot get a discount on a monthly subscription).

L’Anticafé is perfect whether you want to work alone or with a group: you may book a table or an area apart from the rest of the café for a meeting, or even the entire café for one of your private events. You will enjoy a high speed wifi connection, all-you-can-eat snacks (sweet and salty) and drinks, as well as board games to relax between work sessions. Projectors and printers are available.

You will like it for: the atmosphere, both studious and relaxed, and the decoration, both simple and colorful.


6. Strada Cafe - 3eme arrondissement - 94 Rue du Temple 75003 - MAP

A quiet place, a studious atmosphere, and a good coffee produced by organic farms: these are the perfect ingredients to work in good conditions. On the weekends, although you will be hosted for a brunch, a lunch, or just a coffee, do not try to work there or you will have to leave: laptops are forbidden on Saturdays and Sundays. You will like it for: the good coffee. Espresso for €2, cappuccino for €4. Choices of vegan courses.

 (Photo Credit: Leonie Hanne)


7. Colorova - 7eme arrondissement - 47 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire 75006 - MAP

"Colorova” means "colourful” in Polish. Indeed, the colourful atmosphere will put you in a good mood just by getting inside this restaurant. The owner of this place, Guillaume Gil, is the former pastry chef of the Plaza Athénée, and bakes all the pastries of Colorova himself, changing the recipes all year long according to his mood. Only the caramel, peanut and speculoos tartlet might accompany all your studious afternoons. A generous brunch is served until 4pm on weekends too from €28 to €45.

There is a large space between each table; thus, the noise coming from other groups will not disturb you.


8. Cafe Pinson - 3eme arrondissement - 6 Rue du Forez 75003 - MAP  OR 58 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière 75010 Paris

Although the wifi connection is not always the best, you will feel perfectly fine working at the Café Pinson thanks to its calm and cosy atmosphere with vintage deco and delicious healthy food. If you want to plug in your computer but are having a hard time finding the hidden sockets, do not hesitate to ask one of the waiters who will be pleased to help you.

We advise you to avoid going there between 12am and 2pm to work, because it is very crowded at lunchtime. The open kitchen serves a variety of homemade organic dishes. By the way, a vegan pastry will certainly go well with your work session. Lunch set menu €17.50 (eat in) or €14.50 (take away), brunch (on Sundays) €24.50 (without a juice) or €27 (with a juice), macchiato and cappuccino €4.20, matcha green tea latte €5.50.


9. Cuillier Grenelle - 7eme arrondissement - 68 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris - MAP

Cuillier opens a new coffee shop in Paris 7th arrondissement, rue de Grenelle. Feel like you need a genuine good coffee, carefully prepared, to sip on the spot or to take away? Let’s discover this cozy, Australian-style coffee shop offering all kinds of coffee as well as delicious pastries and everything to grab a quick lunch. We find the welcoming atmosphere decorated by Valérie Mazerat with bench seats with throw pillows, wooden furniture, black tiles and steel counter create the industrial decoration, old-fashioned and modern at the same time, making you want to have a break. The place reveals one room turned to the counter, facing the barista who prepares you cuppa. Comfortably seated, the patio door offers you a direct view on the wonderful architecture of the Musée Maillol.

There is a Cullier Cafe also in Galeries Lafayette and located rue des Abbesses in the 18th. 


10. Starbucks - 2eme arrondissement - 3 Boulevard des Capucines in Paris 75002 - MAP

We would NEVER recommend starbucks is anyone, ever, no matter what. UNLESS, it is the one on Boulevard des Capucines in Paris 75002. The chandeliers, mouldings, gildings, and other decorations will remind you those of the Garnier Opera, just around the corner. It’s very beautiful and so very cozy, a change from the usual industrial Starbucks decor.

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